November 1, 2017

H hold up, not so fast! Time is flying and I’ve been struggling to keep HQ updated. After trying to find the right balance between work and my personal life, I’ve again returned to university at the start of September and have been busy ever since *sighs*

Next to going back to university, I also decided to go for a senior position at the office. Even though wrapping up my degree is my main focus at this time in my life, I think fulfilling a senior position will be a good addition to my resume. After surviving multiple rounds and a slightly awkward group assessment I managed to score the job together with three other co-workers. We still need to wrap up some additional training and we’ll be ready for the job somewhere late December.

It might have gotten a little quiet around here, but I haven’t forgotten about HQ. I’ve been working on some new ideas and will be sharing more fresh content this month. You can always follow @nerdshock on Twitter to stay in the loop and get daily updates. Wanna know which videogames I’m currently playing? Take a peek at @nerdshock on Instagram.

Be sure to check back soon for fresh updates & more!


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