Counting only 28 days February sure was a short month. That doesn’t mean it was not a productive one. I really had fun doing the live stream tests and dabble a bit with audio doing a short podcast update. With Spring just around the corner, what more can we look forward to in March?

Unfortunately I have two huuuuge exams this month and I really need to prepare for them. This probably means I won’t have much time to do more live stream tests or publish in-depth blogposts. I’m still working on drafts though and try to take notes as much as I can when inspiration strikes.

I already shared my thoughts on movie reviews in a previous blogpost and definitely plan to finally publish one or two reviews of movies I’ve recently watched in the cinema. Titles that I’m looking forward to that will hit the Dutch cinema’s this month are Tomb Raider, De Wilde Stad and Pacific Rim: Uprising.

I also plan on doing another podcast update somewhere later this month. I’m still working on a topic list for future podcasts and even thinking about possible collaborations. The boyfriend has decided to claim his personal domain name and is also thinking about doing podcasts. It might be fun to work together on an geeky episode. We’ll see what we can come up with.

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