April 1, 2018

Even though I expected March to be a pretty busy month, it wasn’t filled with crunching for my exams. As a matter of fact, I actually decided to put wrapping up my bachelor’s degree on hiatus again. So, what the *bleeep* happened? Haha, let met tell you!

House Hunting

In my Happy New Year post I mentioned that my mum was diagnosed with lung cancer just before Christmas last year. After a couple of rough first months, it seems my mum is responding well to the targeted therapy and her situation is stable. I’m truly happy for that.

Unfortunately the first rough months after my mum’s diagnoses really had a negative impact on me while I was preparing for the huuuuge exams. I realised living with my family, working and studying didn’t really match well together. I needed a place where I could rest up after a long day at the office and where I could seriously study without distractions . Yeah, I simply needed my own home.

The boyfriend and I have already been talking about living together and last month we’ve been upping our house searching game. We’ve spotted a nice house in my hometown and will take a peek at the house later this month. I’m very curious about the house and will definitely keep you all updated if we decide to rent the house and start decorating.

Fresh Posts

I haven’t shared fresh blogposts with you last month, but I have been drafting a bunch of movie reviews. I will definitely focus on wrapping them up this month, so be sure to keep an eye out for those. As always, you can follow @nerdshock on Twitter to stay in the loop!


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