Teaser Trailer: The Lion King

November 23, 2018

Even though I have mixed feelings about the need for remakes or live action versions of my favourite movies, I have to say I’m quite excited about upcoming live action versions of two of my most favourite Disney Classics that will hit the cinema in 2019. I’m very much looking forward to Aladdin and The Lion King. I almost can’t believe both movies will be released in the same year. We already got a pretty awesome teaser trailer for Aladdin, so let’s take a look at The Lion King teaser trailer!

It’s hard to not get hyped after watching the teaser trailer, but it just looks amazing. I have to add that The Lion King (1994) is probably my most favourite Disney Classic. The original movie was released when I was still in elementary school and it prompted me to collect a lot of merchandise. I sang along with the soundtrack and learned how to play the songs on the piano. I even dedicated a whole show & tell to the movie which was rewarded by an A+ πŸ† So haha yes, I think you can say I was a true fangirl.

For those who are also getting those nostalgic vibes or simply want to see how the upcoming movie compares to the original, IGN shared a pretty epic comparison video. It’s definitely worth checking out!

The Lion King live action movie will be released on July 19th, 2019 when the original will celebrate its 25th anniversary. You betcha I will be watching this movie on the big screen and will share a full review with you guys here on NERDSHOCK HQ ♥

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