Even though NERDSHOCK HQ originally launched as a personal lifestyle blog, I decided to relaunch the main website in Spring 2019 as the main hub or headquarters of the NERDSHOCK Project.

I noticed that I share most of my thoughts on awesome movies, bustamove tunes, delicious food, epic videogames via Twitter and Instagram. You can find my fresh tweets in the sidebar on the right and photo’s in the footer. I love being able to share thoughts in the moment and no longer feel the urge to archive these thoughts on a blog.

That doesn’t mean I’m done with nerdshock.com though. Instead of adding filler content with quick thoughts about trailers or upcoming releases and music video’s, I’ve decided to only feature my own original content here on HQ. Currently that means you can already check out a bunch of my unboxings and play sessions. In the future I plan on adding fresh video’s and audio only updates with occasional in-depth Spark ⚡️ articles that are much more evergreen.

I’ve struggled with writer’s block in the past, but changing the focus of HQ already helped me become more relaxed and motivated to create new content. I’m excited for the future! Please be sure to revisit HQ from now on ♥


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