Summer Moved On

October 3, 2020

Fall always puts me in a reflective mood. Now that Summer has moved on and we’ve kicked off October, I wanted to take a quick look back at some pretty sweet lockdown months filled with a lot of gaming and share the things I’m looking forward to during the last months of 2020!

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Talkin’ Games

Last year I hardly touched my PlayStation 4, mainly because I introduced my boyfriend to Guild Wars 2 (PC) which meant spending a lot of hours in Tyria. We also adopted two tiny kittens which were a handful. But, in 2020 I was happy I could dust off my PlayStation 4 starting with Final Fantasy VII Remake. I’m a huge fan of the original Final Fantasy VII. Being able to experience Midgar with current gen visuals was impressive. I’ve got to admit, the opening sequence of the game made me cry. I enjoyed the quick paced battle system. I also love that the game isn’t a retelling of the original game and will take us into an unknown direction. Playing Final Fantasy VII Remake made me think back about how I felt when I played the original so many years ago. I felt pangs of nostalgia and I was tempted to replay Final Fantasy VII.

Even though I did see the disappointing spoilers and storyline leaks, I still decided to pick up The Last of Us Part II on release day. I felt the whole discussion about the game got very toxic and as a fan of The Last of Us, I simply wanted to experience the game myself. I’ve lost my mother to cancer last year. I know losing a loved one never comes at the time you want it. It also doesn’t go the way you want it. So I wasn’t very upset about Joel passing away and could understand the circumstances. But, overall the story of The Last of Us Part II never really grabbed me as much as The Last of Us. Even though I could appreciate some of the gameplay mechanics changing, I do believe there were some serious issues with the pacing and characters.

Fortunately I didn’t have to wait long for a game to truly sweep me off my feet. As a former student Japanese I found the setting of Ghost of Tsushima quite appealing, but I never expected I would deeply fall in love with Jin and the other characters in the game. The main story and side quests are truly compelling. Exploring the world and ‘levelling up’ never felt boring. It’s been a while since slaying enemies felt so satisfying. Also, the soundtrack for the game is so, so very good. Haha yeah, you could say Ghost of Tsushima is my game of the year.

I initially cancelled my pre-order of the collector’s edition of Ghost of Tsushima and picked up the special edition. I enjoyed playing the game so much, I instantly regretted missing out on the collector’s edition. Fortunately I managed to pick up an import collector’s edition of the game via Nedgame. Even though I’m not an active collector anymore, I felt really relieved I managed to pick it up.

Another game I picked up during the Summer is Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I even picked up a Nintendo Switch so I could play the game. The game is amazingly cute and I just love how creative the community is. I’m very much enjoying my main island in the Northern Hemisphere on my regular Switch and recently restarted the island in the Southern Hemisphere on my Switch Lite. You can check out my island tour of Sorbet Bay on NERDSHOCK HQ.

The year is not yet over and there are still a bunch of awesome games coming our way. I haven’t even talked about the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S yet! I haven’t pre-ordered a next gen console yet, mainly because there are no launch titles I want to pick up. I’m keeping an eye out for a sweet PlayStation 5 bundle deal with Horizon Forbidden West or God of War Ragnarök, it depends on the collector’s edition of both games. Needless to say that probably means it probably won’t be until Spring 2021 before I will pick up a PlayStation 5.

I’m currently trying out Xbox Game Pass for PC and plan on subscribing to Uplay+ so I can play Watch Dogs Legion and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on PC. If I enjoy both games, I will probably pick them up for PlayStation 5 somewhere next year. I never thought I would sign up for a gaming subscription service, but I couldn’t pass on a sweet deal during these expensive months. Even though I’m not really good at games in first-person, Cyberpunk 2077 is on my pre-order list so I can play it on release day. I quite like the setting and am tempted to pick up a hardcopy of the art book as well.

Movies & TV Series

Covid-19 has kept me stick close to home. Even though cinema’s are open here in The Netherlands, I didn’t really feel the need to go out and catch a movie on the big screen. A bunch of movies I initially wanted to catch on the big screen such as Wonder Woman 1984 have been delayed, so I don’t feel like I’ve been missing out. Fortunately The Mandalorian will return with Season 2 on October 30th. I’m really eager to find out what happens next to Mando and Baby Yoda!

What else?

Overall I’m doing pretty good. We’ve been working from home since March, but I don’t really miss having to go to the office. It feels great that work is over as soon as I turn off my computer and close the door of our home office. Without the daily commute I’ve been able to rest more and have more time for the things I enjoy. Haha, no not just to play videogames, but having more time to cook dinner or enjoy a nice walk in the forest feels nice. Unfortunately Covid-19 seems far from over, so I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy. In the meantime I’m inspired to work more on NERDSHOCK HQ and finally get back to sharing fresh content with you guys.

Stay tuned and till next time!


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