May 1, 2021

It’s been a month since I moved NERDSHOCK HQ to a different webhosting company. Last month I’ve been mainly busy setting things up behind the scenes. I’ve also taken a look at my social media channels. After a Spring clean up my Twitterfeed is up and running again, but I’m still a bit wishy washy about Instagram. Now that things are pretty much back on track, it’s time to look forward to all the cool stuff coming this month!

Things I’m looking Forward To

This month I’m definitely checking out the second season of Mythic Quest debuting May 7th on Apple TV+. On May 13th I’m ready to for the final season of Castlevania. I initially skipped the series when it first launched back in 2017, but got totally hooked after a couple of recent binge sessions. I seriously never expected Netflix getting me back into animé. I’m also checking out Ferry (2021) this month, which is a movie spin-off of the Undercover series on Netflix.

Really happy to see Mass Effect Legendary Edition releasing on May 14th. I’m a huuuuuuge fan of the trilogy and have been wishing for a remaster for years. Even though I would love to play the games on release day, I’ve decided to wait and see how the release will go. I might even wait a little longer for an initital price drop. I want to pick up the digital edition of the game for my Xbox Series S. Pre-order price is currently 69,99 EUR which is pretty hefty. Watching the reveal trailer still gives me goosebumps though, so I might just go for it so I can play it on release day.

Coming To HQ This Month

This month my Journey through Tyria will kick off again. Follow the adventure of Basil in Guild Wars 2 as he first ventures outside of Divinity’s Reach and gets caught up in the battle against Zhaitan. You can expect bi-weekly posts about Guild Wars 2 game mechanics, starting with account creation, levelling, skills & traits and further ‘play the game’ sessions. I will also do occasional lore dives, cover other aspects of the Guild Wars franchise and of course keep an eye on all the latest developments regarding the End of Dragons expansion.

My Guild Wars 2 Player Characters in 2019

In the near future I plan on returning to HQ more often and share unboxings of my favorite collectibles I never got to show off. I also would like to dive back into doing audio updates, sharing casual updates & in-depth reviews. So be sure to stay tuned!


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