Journey Through Tyria

Guild Wars 2 : Defending Shaemoor

May 18, 2021

Last week I talked a bit about being away from Guild Wars 2, how I returned to the game and created our hero Ser Basil. Now that we’ve set the stage, it’s time to truly dive into the adventure by starting the tutorial mission and defend Shaemoor!

Today I stepped outside Divinity’s Reach, hoping to find better luck outside the city. Problem is, when I arrived in Shaemoor, the village was under attack by centaurs. Innocent villagers are in danger. Someone has to help. I can take care of myself, but that’s not enough anymore. Someone has to help those who can’t.

Ser Basil

Take A Closer Look

Don’t worry about your first steps into Tyria. The tutorial is pretty straight forward and you can take all the time you need to read all the tips that appear on your screen, check out the menu options and settings of the game.

General Options > Settings

One of the things I can definitely recommend is checking out General Options by pressing F11, check Settings. Even though a large part you can adjust according to your personal preferences, but I personally do the following:

Turn Off
  • Show All Enemy Names
  • Show All NPC Names
  • Show All Player Names
Turn On
  • Show Skill Recharge
  • Show Target Health Percent
  • Disable Inventory Compact Button

Please note that autoloot is only available after completing Advanced Logistics which is part of the Pact Commander mastery track, available after reaching level 80.

Helpful Resource

I believe you’ll learn a lot by simply playing Guild Wars 2, so I won’t discuss every detail during my Journey through Tyria. Just started your adventure? I can definitely recommend the official New Player Guide if you would like an overview of all the basics.

This post is part of the special Journey Through Tyria blogpost series dedicated to Guild Wars 2. Check out the special section for more info and resources to help you start your own adventure 🌳🍃