June 1, 2021

Last month we truly returned to NERDSHOCK HQ with the Journey through Tyria blogpost series. Behind the scenes I’ve transferred to a new project at work, went through training and am still busy settling into my new job. I’m quite happy I’ve been able to keep up with my planned schedule. Now that May is behind us, what can we look forward to this month?

Things I’m Looking Forward To

After The Mandalorian S2 wrapped up I decided to cancel my Disney+ subscription. My plan is to activate my subscription once in a while, binge a lot of content and cancel it again. With Loki kicking off on June 9th, it’s finally time to re-activate my subscription. The show will consist of 6 episodes, so I’ll probably cancel my subscription at the end of July. Next to watching Loki, I will also catch up on Wandavision & The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

I’m also looking forward to Physical! I love the 80s setting and the fact that it’s a dramedy by the director of I, Tonya (2017). The series runs for 10 episodes and will launch on June 18th exclusively on Apple TV+.

Coming To HQ This Month

You can definitely expect more Journey through Tyria blogposts. I also hope to share at least one in-depth review and an unboxing here on NERDSHOCK HQ. We’re finally getting some great weather and a couple of lockdown restrictions have been lifted, so I plan on enjoying going outside a lot. Even when I’m not here at HQ, you can always catch updates and my daily thoughts via @nerdshock on Twitter!


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