I’ve been thinking about relaunching NERDSHOCK HQ for quite some time, but I delayed and backtracked. With my birthday month kicking off in just a few days, there’s no better moment to try again and go full in. Before we do, I wanted to take a quick look back at how things started and forward to what’s my plan for the relaunched website.

NERDSHOCK HQ finds its roots in my former semi personal blog elocutio.nu which I ran from 2008 till the end of 2012. Even though I originally started my former blog to slowly move away from writing self indulgent personal blogposts, I realized I was still struggling to truly write about the things I’m passionate about. I felt that simply changing the focus of my blog wouldn’t be enough to flip that switch. At the end of 2012 I decided to close down my former blog and kick off a whole new project.

NERDSHOCK HQ back in 2014

Of course a new project also needs a fresh new name. I decided to go with NERDSHOCK which in my mind is that electrifying feeling you get when you’re excited about something so AWESOME it makes you go “Woaaahhhhhhh !!!” and leaves you in a shocked kinda state. I usually get that feeling while listening to my favorite music, watching a great movie or play videogames, so I thought it would be the perfect name for a new blog.

The NERDSHOCK HQ website launched in 2013 and had a pretty strong start. Unfortunately I slowly got wrapped up in being an adult. Over the years the website changed from a blog covering multiple topics to a place where I only shared my gameplay and unboxing video’s to a static landing page. I got wrapped up in being an adult, hardly had time to play and simply started to share my geeky thoughts via Twitter.

NERDSHOCK HQ static landing page in 2024

With NERDSHOCK HQ relaunched, I’m slowly building things back up. I will mainly write about my favorite videogames, movies & TV shows and share my favorite collectibles. I have to admit, starting over actually feels a little scary, but I do want to start over with a clean slate. I currently don’t have a fixed schedule for updates, but I plan on kicking off a blogpost series soon. Be sure to stay tuned and check back soon for fresh updates!



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