Watch Dogs 2

First Thoughts: Watch Dogs 2

It’s been a slow year in videogames for me. I didn’t get super excited about a lot of upcoming games and as a result only picked up a few titles. Even though I did enjoy the original title, I wasn’t sure about picking up Watch Dogs 2 after seeing the reveal trailer. But, I kept my eyes on this game and was very much intrigued about its focus on big data and what companies do with it.

I decided to pre-order the Deluxe Edition and actually got the game a few days before it’s official release on November 15th, 2016. Now that I’ve been able to play this game for a few hours, it’s time to share my first thoughts about this game with you guys!

[please note] This blogpost contains spoilers, continue on your own risk.

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Hello World

Thank you for visiting NERDSHOCK HQ a personal lifestyle blog dedicated to celebrating awesome movies, bustamove tunes, epic videogames, delicious food & ohsostylish fashion ♥

After a couple of reboots and originally putting HQ on hiatus until the start of the New Year, I just had to open the doors again. I just missed this blog waaaay too much! It’s funny how you truly miss something when it’s gone and you’re suddenly motivated to get your priorities straight.

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