Journey Through Tyria

One of my favorite games is Guild Wars 2. I originally picked up the game on release back in 2012, but quit playing after my desktop computer broke down two years later. After the second expansion Path of Fire was announced in 2017, I decided to pick up a proper gaming rig again. During recent years I’ve been playing the game on and off. I love to return to the game when I’m not playing a single player game on my PlayStation or Xbox.

Because I still love Guild Wars 2 so much, I wanted to dedicate a special blogpost series on NERDSHOCK HQ to this game. In this series I will be sharing tips & tricks for those curious about the game and those who are already casual adventurers in Tyria.

Guild Wars 2 Anniversary Trailer

Want to get a quick feel of Tyria, the world of Guild Wars 2? Be sure to check out the anniversary trailer!

Did you know? You can actually play the core game for free! You only need to set up your account and download the game via the official website 🌳🍃



My most favorite Guild Wars 2 resource is the official wiki where you can finds lots and lots of information. You can access the wiki in game by typing /wiki in the chat window. Definitely be sure to favorite the Event timers page where you can keep an eye on all important events and World Bosses. Need help finishing up your dailies? Daily Helper is your place to go 👩🏽‍💻💕