Journey Through Tyria

You can easily say Guild Wars 2 is my forever MMORPG. It’s a game I’ve been playing since its release in 2012. I have taken multiple breaks from the game, but I always find myself returning to Tyria. 

Even though I’ve been playing the game for a long time, I still consider myself a casual gamer. I mainly play Guild Wars 2 as a stress relief game and thus enjoy exploring the open world and following the overarching storyline of the game. I love joining big meta events, but stay away from the competitive side. One day I would definitely like to do strikes and raids, but I haven’t taken the time yet to properly look at my build and rotation

From the smallest blade of grass to the largest mountain, where life goes.. so, too, should you.


Because I love Guild Wars 2 so much, I also wanted to celebrate the game here at NERDSHOCK HQ. I’ve decided to set up a dedicated blogpost series and will be sharing my favorite resources and tips & tricks in this section (check sidebar). I’m still busy settings up around here, but be sure to check back soon!