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The Author

NERDSHOCK HQ is run by Aleida Samallo (1984). I’m a Creativist, Thinker, Blogger & Gamer from The Netherlands.


During Fall 2012 I noticed that after years of running a personal blog, my focus had shifted from writing about myself to the things I love. After contemplating a new direction I finally decided to launch a new blog at the start of 2013. Of course you can’t kick off a whole new project without a new name. I wanted a name that would be able to catch the focus of the new blog in one simple word. It didn’t take me long to come up with NERDSHOCK which is similar to a nerdgasm, but less messy & more electrifying.

NERDSHOCK stands for that electrifying feeling you get when you’re celebrating the things you’re passionate about & know there’s nothing more awesome.

Even though I found it easy to share unboxings and other video’s via NERDSHOCK on YouTube , I found it quite hard to find the right voice for the NERDSHOCK blog. After struggling with a serious case of writer’s block I decided to overhaul the main blog and relaunch during Spring 2018. Now that NERDSHOCK HQ is all fresh & clean, I can finally get back to writing about the things I love & share it with you guys.

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