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Journey Through Tyria

Guild Wars 2 : On A Whole New Adventure

November 15, 2021

Earlier this year I relaunched Journey Through Tyria, a special blogpost series dedicated to Guild Wars 2. As always, life happened and I got extremely busy focusing on work. Since I usually play Guild Wars 2 as a stress relief game, I decided to pull the series and remove all the fresh video’s from NERDSHOCK HQ and my YouTube channel.

Since then I received some questions about the whereabouts of Ser Basil and if he would ever come back to continue his journey in Tyria. With the next Guild Wars 2 expansion coming closer and closer.. I’ve decided to bring back the series, re-upload the earlier vids & continue from there. I plan on releasing a fresh Journey Through Tyria blogpost every two weeks. Please hang in there with me as I catch up and get back to sharing fresh content with you guys!


This post is part of a blogpost series dedicated to Guild Wars 2. Check out the special section to learn more and find resources to help you start your own adventure 🌳🍃