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How it all started

After running various personal blogs for several years, I started to notice I enjoyed writing about the things I loved a whole lot more than simply keeping an online diary about my daily adventures. During Fall 2012 I decided to work on setting up the NERDSHOCK Project, set up a teaser trailer and officially launched the main website at the start of 2013.

Why did I choose NERDSHOCK to be the name of my new blog and related projects? I was looking for a word that would describe the essence of the project.

NERDSHOCK isn’t a person nor a thing, it’s that electrifying feeling that overcomes you when you’re celebrating the things you love ♥

I guess it’s somewhat similar to a ‘nerdgasm’, but waaaay less messy. Trust me.

On Hiatus / Comeback

Even though launch year went pretty well, I found myself being totally busy with work and I was forced to put NERDSHOCK HQ on hiatus. I also stopped doing unboxings, but I never stopped enjoying awesome movies, bustamove tunes, epic videogames, delicious food & geeking out… ah, and totally tweeting about it via @Twitter *coughs*

Although I was stuck in a work rut, I never thought about quitting the NERDSHOCK Project. I’m still very busy with work, but seem to have found a better work-life balance and am excited to return to HQ. Just in time to celebrate the 5 year anniversary which I plan to celebrate thoroughly in 2018.

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